Sunday, September 25, 2016

Crazy Crayons!

A couple years ago I needed to make use of small Rubbermaid drawers so I started implementing a crayon "Lost and Found".  It's worked great!  It's one of the procedures I  go over in the beginning of the year, and  so far so good.

If the student's don't have a black, they go the lost and found.  If the student's find a random crayon on the floor, it goes in the lost and found.  Blah, blah, catch my drift.

Fast forward two years and those little pieces of blacks and browns add up!  LOL! Case and point last week, when I had an early finisher who loves to help clean out the little pieces and it resulted in a huge gallon sized bag filled with half used yellows and broken purples.  My "Wanna-Be-Pinterest Queen" mind started turning and I immediately jumped on Amazon and ordered 2 of these babies:

 And this Saturday I got to work!  My husband and I's fingers got sore from ripping off little pieces of Crayola (it's got to be Crayola, because you KNOW this Kindergarten teacher is a crayon snob!)...once I realized you could soak them in warm soapy water (thanks Google!) and they'll come off like a charm!

End result was after 16 minutes on 250°F and 1 hour to cool with a 15 minute end cap in the freezer!

Love them!! Just hope the Kindergarten kids give me the excited reaction I'm looking for!!!

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